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Frequently Asked Questions

With this type of diet, the feeling of hunger is usually controlled after 48 to 92 hours in most cases, thanks to the action of the ketones that are released as your fat melts.

The proteins with high biological value that we use help protect your skin and keep it from breaking down. Combining a protein diet with physical activity increases your chances of maintaining good muscle tone and weight loss. However, in cases where very large amounts of weight are lost, surgery may be required.

As fat melts, it releases energy-yielding substances (acetone) that promote an increase in energy. Our team will give you advice to prevent feelings of weakness.

The transformation of your fat stores into energy releases waste into the bloodstream. The water you drink filters and eliminates this waste through natural elimination. It also promotes good skin moisture.

It all depends on you: the secret to success is having perseverance and support during the weight-loss process. You first have to establish a balance between what you eat and the energy you expend. Otherwise, your body automatically stores the excess energy as fat. It’s important that you understand your food-related behaviours and identify problematic situations so you can manage them better. One of the best ways of keeping weight off is to increase your metabolism through exercise. Also, changing lifestyle habits requires a certain amount of time. You can’t change everything all at once! Be patient and keep trying!

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