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Four diets to lose weight

Wondering how to lose weight fast? Getting tired of magic recipes that don’t work? Don’t search anymore! The Healthy Weight Loss Clinics have 13 locations across Quebec and offer four proven diets to help you achieve your weight loss goals quickly. Whether you are in Quebec City, Chicoutimi, Montreal or Sherbrooke, we are at your disposal to offer you a personalized food plan that gives results. With sustained support, quality products and meticulously prepared recipes, you’ll be able to step onto the scale with confidence. What are you waiting for?

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Protein Diet

The protein diet is a diet that consists of one, two or three meals of foods supplemented with high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. There are several benefits associated with the protein diet, such as very rapid weight loss in the first week, a controlled feeling of hunger and superior protection against muscle atrophy. This is the go-to diet for fast and safe weight loss.

Low-Calorie Diet

The basic principle is simple: reduce the consumption of calories and thus draw your energy from your fat reserves. The calorie deficit changes the way your body works by forcing it to draw on your fat stores to meet energy demands. Despite slower weight loss than with the protein diet, this diet however allows us to review our eating habits for the better. This is a diet to lose weight slowly, but surely. You can choose between two complementary options in order to achieve your objectives.

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Balanced Diet

If you want a balanced diet, the Healthy Weight Loss Clinic team puts its expertise at your service. This is not a specific weight loss diet, but rather a means to improve your lifestyle. We will take into consideration your state of health, your tastes and much more in order to build a healthy and balanced menu, according to the standards of Canada’s Food Guide. This diet is neither restrictive nor guilty, and will correct your nutritional deficiencies with the help of the introduction of healthy and complementary foods. Take back control of your diet and improve your quality of life today!

Maintenance Program

After losing a lot of weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be more difficult than you expect. Thanks to our maintenance program, you will be better supervised to face your daily challenges. The professionals at the Healthy Weight Loss Clinic will accompany you as long as necessary until your metabolism, lowered during the weight loss process, gradually returns to normal. Let us help you achieve your goals: trust Healthy Weight Loss Clinic. 

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A healthy weight is synonymous with longevity, quality of life and self-confidence. Don’t let just one number take a toll on your morale and start making changes today. Nothing is impossible, especially when accompanied by real experts. To get started, fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You are just one step away from the change … Let us help you realize your dream of a better quality of life. 

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