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Whether the goal is to lose weight or simply to be healthier, lots of people want to eat better—an admirable objective! However, some people set goals that are extremely ambitious, even unrealistic (banish sugar from their diet entirely, only eat non-processed foods, eat 12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, etc.). At the Healthy Weight Clinic, we know it’s better to give yourself manageable nutrition goals if you want to get good results and stay motivated. Read below to learn more.

Get informed

Lots of dubious myths, unfounded rumours and false information about food and nutrition circulate on the internet. You may be tempted to eliminate something from your diet after reading an article presenting it as dangerous to your health, even though many other articles may claim the exact opposite. Be on your guard: consult credible sources to figure out what’s true and what’s false. You can then set achievable nutrition goals based on facts recognized by esteemed nutrition experts.

Proceed gradually

Skipping steps to attain a goal never pays off. Want to start eating 30 grams of fibre a day, the average recommended quantity? If you’ve never consumed more than 15 grams daily over the years, don’t suddenly double the amount: your body will react strongly (we’ll spare you the details), and you’ll be tempted to abandon your goal. Start out slowly, increasing the amount gradually. This way of proceeding will put less of a strain on your body—and your morale!

Be patient

When you set nutrition goals, think long term. Have patience. It won’t do any good to put tons of pressure on yourself. Improving your life through healthy eating should be an enjoyable undertaking, not a source of anxiety. Be positive and let go of unrealistic expectations. No, perfection doesn’t exist (eating junk food from time to time isn’t a crime) and yes, each little step forward counts.

For personalized guidance, come meet with us!

Need a hand setting your goals? Visit the Healthy Weight Clinic in your area. We’ll take into account the details of your situation (your health, goals, budget, preferences, etc.) before preparing you a realistic diet tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us or let us contact you!