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You want to lose weight fast without being hungry? Our team of health professionals helps you achieve your goal of healthy weight regardless of the weight loss plan you choose.

Healthy Weight Clinic offers you several weight loss diets (protein diet, low-calorie diet, or a balanced diet) to meet your expectations. We provide you with the appropriate coaching to help you achieve your healthy weight but especially to stay slim afterwards regardless if you chose a fast weight loss diet or a slightly slower weight loss diet.

The protein diet is a way to lose weight fast. This diet must be supplemented by a high quality protein intake, vitamins and minerals. The need for proteins varies according to each individual, which allows to lose only the fat mass while protecting the muscle mass. The feeling of hunger is usually controlled after 24 to 48 hours by the natural effect of ketosis. This diet provides a feeling of well-being due to the effect of ketosis.

Low-calorie or balanced diets help to lose weight more slowly. These diets must be adjusted to prevent muscle loss and subsequent weight gain. They must provide adequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals. These diets are not the most effective if you have a lot of weight to lose, but they help you develop healthy eating habits.

At Healthy Weight Clinic, we offer you a solution tailored to your needs to facilitate weight loss in a natural and sustainable way. Feel free to contact our healthcare professionals on our toll-free line at 1-888-853-9898 or by e-mail: or by visiting our website at: