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While being essential to life, the sun can be just as harmful. Of course, it is best to expose yourself to them in a safe way. Frequent and repeated exposure to UV (Ultraviolet) rays from the sun can:
– damage your skin;
– increase the risk of skin cancer
– cause eye and skin damage

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. is the time when UV rays are at their strongest. It is always recommended to protect yourself adequately for periods of more than 15 minutes.

The people most vulnerable to damage from sun exposure are: pale pigmentations, people with red or blond hair and blue eyes, and people taking photosensitizing drugs.

It is important to apply sunscreen of a minimum of 30 Fps at least 30 minutes before exposure and to reapply it regularly afterwards. Before and especially after swimming or practicing high intensity sports which promote perspiration.

Wearing adequate sunglasses could help protect your eyes and wearing a hat is also considered to protect your face from it ESPECIALLY remember to apply sunscreen to toddlers, children 6 months and under should not be exposed to the sun. Remember that children have even more fragile skin than us!

Good summer !