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We will never encourage you to drink alcohol with our diets, but if you are about to do so … read this carefully!

Whether you’re paying attention to your line or have embarked on a diet, the approach of the holidays and New Year’s Day is a most distressing situation. Whether you are limiting your carbohydrate intake for weight loss, health reasons, or your ketogenic diet, drinking wine or alcohol is a real issue! Did you know that on the SAQ website you can see the amount of residual sugar as well as the detailed sheet of your favorite wine? Some wines contain as little as 4 g / l, we can even find it at 0 g / l. The ideal amount for us would be less than 2 g / l, keeping in mind that several wines can contain up to 50 g / l, which will undoubtedly hamper all your efforts in recent weeks. to delay your weight loss in addition to leaving you with an uncontrollable craving for sugar …

Little tips for the occasion:

Try to limit your intake, which can go a long way in helping you with the grand finale when counting calories.

By starting with a lemon perrier and drinking a glass of water between each drink, you will be inclined to drink less and in a more informed way.

While you’re there volunteer to be the designated driver so you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Be careful and have a great holiday.

Probably your favorite wine will not be seen the same way anymore, because from now on you will be able to make informed choices and maybe find a better alternative.