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How to have a great holiday without breaking the bank in calories!

Here are some tips to help you avoid ruining your efforts during the holidays.

  • Avoid cocktails that are high in carbohydrates. Opt instead for a low-carbohydrate wine, a spirit mixed with soda or a diet soda.
  • Set a drinking limit, like a drink or two for the evening.
  • Not getting enough sleep is doubly harmful in terms of weight loss. We are less resistant to temptation when we are tired.
  • Hydrating yourself before and during feasting will make you feel full and you will be less likely to consume excess calories.
  • There is butter on bread, vinaigrette on vegetables, sauce for meats. Cutting out condiments and dips can save you a lot of unnecessary calories.
  • Don’t come on an empty stomach, the temptation will be stronger. Eating a protein before arriving at your event will give you a lot more control.
  • If you’re going over your calorie limits or feel that you can’t live with healthy foods, don’t give up and get your confidence back. Keep your goal in mind.
  • Get moving every day. Take advantage of your time off to go for a walk, play in the snow or even slide with your children.
  • Above all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy these beautiful moments.